You Are Not Your Platinum Trophies

You simply can’t talk about anything in the role playing game genre without talking about completionism – meaning trying to get every single little quest, achievement, armor piece and side story available in the game.

Some people base their entire enjoyment of a game around if they can get that platinum 100% run.


I am the anti-completionist. I start playing a game and get distracted halfway through by something shiny and new for me to dive into. I’ve always aspired to complete games like that, however I’ve never pulled it off. I think the only game I’ve ever actually finished all the way through was the original Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus for PlayStation 2.

Does this make me a filthy casual? Probably.


But, I don’t care. Give me the story, baby, I have no interest in spending ages growing the perfect chocobo racer.

That’s why I’m mostly just cruising around Final Fantasy VII doing story and not too much side questing. I’m making sure to grab up things like ultimate weapons and essential Enemy Skills to make the game a bit easier, but I’m not going down the completionist’s checklist for it.

If you’re super into getting that glorious 100%, check out one of my favorite YouTubers The Completionist. He has tons of fun videos about getting every last scrap of gamey goodness out of your titles.

So, what games have you played out to 100%? Let me know in the comments!

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