5 Favorite In-Game Halloween Events

I love Halloween! It is absolutely my favorite holiday. In fact, the whole October-November-December holiday mashup is my favorite. There is something fun and holiday-themed to do all the time!

That includes holiday celebrations in my favorite games, of course! I probably should have written about this topic sooner, so you guys could enjoy the events too, but I’ve been so involved with life that I decided to play first, write later.

So, here comes my 5 Favorite In-Game Halloween Events! Some of these are for mobile games (sorry hardcore players), but since mobile games are in my heavy gaming rotation, I felt they deserved a spot on this list.

1. Hallow’s End – World of Warcraft


This event has to be my all-time favorite, hands down. The decorations, the trick or treating, the endless attempts and terrible disappointment of never getting The Horseman’s Reins … glorious! Since I’ve long ago finished the meta-achievement, I focused on collecting new items. This year I hit all the trick or treating spots to get myself the awesome Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone and Naxxy the adorable battle pet. I am a rabid battle pet collector, and Naxxy is super cute and an awesome throwback to one of my favorite raids, Naxxramas.  I also have my eye on the hilarious horses-ass costume, but I don’t think I’ll be able to run another character through all the trick or treating without losing my mind.

2. Witch’s Festival – Elder Scrolls Online


I have hundreds of hours sunk into ESO, and the fact that they release new content all the time keeps me coming back for more. This year’s Witch’s Festival includes some choice items to collect, from home furnishings to (my personal favorite) Halloween cooking recipes. I already have a majority of the spoopy items available, so I’ve been hunting down the Dremora motif pages to get this sweet sweet armor set:


3. The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Villain Event – Disney’s Emoji Blitz


Emoji Blitz is a mobile match 3 game by Disney, and I find it really fun. There’s a wonderful collections aspect to the game that keeps me coming back to unlock more and more Disney characters to play. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a big Disney fan to begin with, but the game itself is simple and satisfying as well. The Oogie Boogie event has you battling against the titular bug-filled bag-man for a chance to unlock him as a playable emoji! They’ve massively downgraded how many levels you have to beat this year, making it much more possible for you to beat the levels necessary to get Oogie Boogie. Thanks, Emoji Blitz!

4. GardenScapes Halloween Event – GardenScapes


GardenScapes is a mobile match 3 game where you earn stars to complete storylines and upgrade your huge mansion gardens. The Halloween event dresses up the whole mansion and two sections of the garden into a Halloween paradise! I didn’t get a chance to deck out my real house this year for Halloween, but the end result in the garden is an awesome digital consolation prize. Check out this video to see the completed garden look with new spoopy mansion paint job!

5. Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2


Ok, so Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2 aren’t exactly Halloween events, but nothing gets me in the spirit more than playing through these super creepy-cute adventures! These games are fun little 3D platformers that you can complete in a couple of hours. You go through each level collecting costume pieces to dress your characters up to give them special powers! The second adventure has you teaming up to fight dental-hygiene obsessed villains and candy-stealing aliens. There’s also an amazing Costume Quest TV show that’s due from Amazon this year!

Hope you found something to gameify your Halloween on this list! I’m off to light a few pumpkin scented candles, throw on It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in the background, and earn a few more World of Warcraft Tricky Treats to get that horse’s ass.

What Halloween events are you enjoying right now? Let me know in the comments!

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