Hitting the Wall: FFVII Edition

Well folks, it’s happened. True to form, I’m about 60% through a large single-player game, and I literally cannot force myself to pick up my controller to finish it. And it’s Final Fantasy! A series I love! *sigh*

I have squirrelled onto about 6 other games at the moment which are doing a pretty good job of distracting me from the fact that I can’t finish a game to save my life.


Neverwinter has dropped Mod 15 based on Acquisitions Incorporated!


I’m a huge fan of anything Dungeons and Dragons, so of course I’m playing the MMO Neverwinter. I’m just loving the new update too, with changes to professions (which were pretty useless before), new story lines, and a great new campaign based around Penny Arcade’s famous and long-running actual play series Acquisitions Incorporated. If you are into D&D and you haven’t checked out their content yet, you are in for a treat. There’s a ton to read, watch and listen to here.

I’m bizarrely addicted to Mahjong Quest 3…


I can’t stop. I have no idea.

World of Warcraft is occupying time as usual…


Honestly, I’m mostly fishing and working on old achievements (don’t judge me) but the new Darkshore Warfront stuff dropped this week. Careful, spoilers in the link.

Add to that getting ready to DM the new Waterdeep Dragon Heist, playing in my current three D&D campaigns and reading reading reading… well… I’ll get back to you eventually, FFVII, I promise.

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