Mini Review! Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Hey there, Boo!

I love Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been putting my pretty little tentacles on every piece of DnD memorabilia I can for the last 3 years or so. How this little idle gem ever got past my voracious need for anything DnD is beyond me.

ICotFR is a fun little idle game – you know the type: beat levels, earn coins, unlock heroes, power them up, beat more levels, and on and on and on… The cute adventure stories you are presented are full of DnD lore and humor, which makes opening up new story lines and adventures a joy. The characters are DnD favorites (so far, my favorite is Minsc and his danger hamster Boo from the original Baldur’s Gate) and the game presents tons of Easter Eggs for the DnD fan to discover. I’ve found references to current campaigns, old classic video games, Forgotten Realms books, and more so far.

I see you, Dragon Heist content!

Codename Entertainment adds new content all the time with new characters, familiars, and story lines both unique to the game and throwbacks to current DnD content. Right now the game is boasting Curse of Strahd characters and story lines, which is so much fun because I’m DMing that particular module for one of my tabletop groups!

All in all, I give it an 8/10. Now, back to staring at my group punching it’s way through some gnolls…

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