Tiny Octopus Loves Games that Never End

We all know that I have a major problem with purchasing games and then never playing them. I’m a terrible game hoarder. However, I think I’ve pinpointed the problem with my game collecting. I’m obsessed with existing in a living, breathing game world and I often don’t want to leave. Knowing I can dive right back into a gaming world that I love offers me some sort of comfort in a world that often changes suddenly and drastically.

As a result, I often choose and fall in love with games that have no articulate ending. Many titles I love are MMOs or games that have seasonal content released on a regular basis. Or I choose games that are generally enormous and will give me plenty of time to explore every nook and cranny. I particularly love game worlds that are diverse, expansive, otherworldly and magical.

I’ve thought hard about which game worlds I don’t ever want to leave, and in which I continually play. There are many, but here are a few that bubble to the top.

Here are my top 6 games that never end.

World of Warcraft

Call me old or lame or whatever you want, but I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since it released in 2004. I’ve made many real life and online friends through it, and signing on still feels like coming home. In the last two years, the player base has gotten a little toxic for my liking, with players often condemning people in the most vicious manner over something that is supposed to be fun, so I’ve curtailed my high-level end game activity. (Honestly, toxic player environments are not all that unusual, but it’s gotten rather out of hand in Azeroth lately.) However I can’t see myself ever really giving up on this game, even if the majority of my time is no longer spent here.

The Elder Scrolls Online

I originally got into The Elder Scrolls after my older brother gifted me Skyrim one year for Christmas. I spent so much time in that game, it really deserves a place on this list all by itself. However, what tips ESO to the top is the fact that there are expansions continually released. This game is wonderful because while you are able to enjoy a multiplayer experience, it isn’t totally necessary to be in groups for major content. A player can enjoy about 95% of the game solo – which makes it a remarkable MMO experience. The sheer size of the game and the world’s beauty makes it easy to get lost in exploration and immersion.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Logo

Guild Wars 2 is another stunningly beautiful game world, and to say the environments are vast would be a critical understatement. Constant world and social events make coming into this game every week a joy, with something different to enjoy each time. In my experience, the social environment is welcoming and engaging, with players truly enjoying each other’s company and maintaining a society where helpfulness and fun are top priority over stats and content completion. The long and interesting main quest story lines are a joy to play through with some tough challenges included, making spending time here rewarding as well.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 logo

In terms of sheer loot-grinding, massive hoard-killing fun, Diablo 3 is a winner. This game is one of the few games I often play with my real life friends sitting around with drinks and laughter in my game room. New story content hasn’t been released in quite some time for this title, however every few months a new season starts, with massive meta achievement lists that earn you awesome new loot and vanity items which keeps me coming back for more, even though I’ve beaten the core game at least 20 times. Blizzard has teased Diablo 4 for a 2020 release (perhaps), and if it is anything like 3, I’ll be a happy little octo.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Logo

I’m pretty new to the Destiny-verse, but this super immersive and fun to play action RPG/shooter has earned a solid place in my top 10. I’m not awesome at shooters in general, but this game has just enough difficulty to make me swear at it, and feel accomplished when I finally get through difficult challenges, instead of making me throw my controller and walk away. Interacting with other players in the game world is a satisfying co-op experience, if shallow, and the online multiplayer with guilds and fireteams makes it a fun game to play with friends. As a rule, I don’t enjoy player versus player games so the fact that this game is highly cooperative makes it a winner in my book.

Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4

Fallout Wallpaper

I love the Fallout universe. The eerie post-apocalyptic landscapes are a creepy immersive experience unlike anything else I’ve found so far in my gaming. These games are great for late night jump-scares and hours spent exploring. Fallout 4 is a particular favorite, with its incredible attention to geographical detail boosting the creep factor up to 11. This title had the best array of side-quests in my opinion, though 3 and New Vegas come extremely hard on its heels. The companions are so good, I find myself genuinely caring for their safety as we explore, which is a weird experience but makes the games so much more than time-sinks. Anything that can illicit a strong emotional response and connection to a collection of pixels is a clear winner.

So, what games are on perpetual repeat in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. A great idea for a topic to write about. Haven’t experienced those particular worlds with the exception of the Guild Wars universe but recognise the sense of belonging and familiarity in returning to a familiar digital world.

    My particular home from home is the world of Thedas from Dragon Age Inquisitionz. Love the people, the environments, the eco climates and habitats. So many little nuances I could spend an age describing. That’s my one.


  2. screenstreams says:

    Fallout 4 is my favourite Fallout game, too! Seems to be an unpopular opinion – but I love it!


  3. I don’t think I have any games like this that I play, which is interesting to find out as I look at my backlog and games library. The Sims 4 comes the closest but I haven’t played it in years at this point.


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