Top 7 Most Beautiful World of Warcraft Musical Tracks

Get it, Chieftains!

I love video game music. It does more than any other aspect to bring me fully into a game world. I especially enjoy the music from World of Warcraft. It is incredibly varied and really captures the essence of an in-game area and the story taking place within.

Here are my top 7 most beautiful World of Warcraft musical tracks.

1. Zin’Azshari – Nazjatar – Battle for Azeroth

Few video game themes have sucker-punched me as hard as this theme found in the Highborne ruins of Zin’Azshari. The lament is filled with profound sadness at the elves’ indescribable losses, yet so full of hope. I’ve stood around in the area just listening and looking at the beautiful Highborne ruins more times than I care to admit to.

2. Arthas, My Son – Wrath of the Lich King

This theme does an incredible job of backing the story of Arthas – both his poignant origins and his tragic and terrifying downfall. Never have good intentions so violently paved the way to Hell. This theme comes from my very favorite expansion so far, so it’s no surprise that it is high on the list.

3. Mountains of Thunder – Wrath of the Lich King

Huge, solitary snow-capped mountains with the ruins of the Titans just waiting to come to life… this theme always filled me with a sense of both wonder and foreboding. This is a truly epic theme.

4. Heart of Pandaria – Mists of Pandaria

Ok, ok, I know this one is from the login screen – but what an introduction to the world of Pandaria! I can easily see the jade green forests, crazy hozen, beautiful cherry blossom trees, flying dragons…. its wonderful! Check my favorite epic moment at 5:40!

5. Nightsong Woods – Classic, Extended

Battle for Azeroth saw the Night Elves go from one of the most powerful races to homeless and broken within one terrible act of war – the burning of Teldrassil. Hearing this theme is quite bittersweet at this point in WoW history. Which brings us to our next entry…

6. Darnassus – Vanilla / Classic

At least we have WoW Classic to let us still live in our beloved Nelfy home tree. Meisio on YouTube brings us this nostalgia-filled hour of Darnassus goodness – I found it quite relaxing to have on in the background while questing in Retail.

7. Tavern Music!

There are far too many awesome entries for Tavern Music to break it all apart. I suggest doing the deep dive in this playlist to find your favorites. My personal faves are the classic Lion’s Pride (0:00), Gallow’s End (7:37), and the Salty Sailor (19:05).

Enjoy your musical journeys! Let me know your favorite WoW tracks in the comments below – I can’t wait to see them!

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